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Our 10th floor, which is a tribute to British born David Ogilvy, is decorated by installations and framed works of art.

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Danielle from Tumblr is visiting our offices today and she has a super cool Nyan Cat laptop.

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Have you used Airtime yet? I am writing this post in between breaks from connecting with people on this new video chat site.  Napster’s founding fathers created Airtime to help people discover and video chat with others that share mutual interests.

The first person I spoke with on Airtime was a Washington Redskins fan, my favorite football team, and the second was Kickstarter’s community manager on Facebook- we were paired up because we both like Kickstarter on Facebook.

Searching for different people to chat with on airtime was awkward at first: the site is reminiscent of Chatroulette, but the differences appear rather quickly.  Chatroullette lacked the structure to connect users with people they actually wanted to meet; it was completely unorganized and downright chaotic.

Airtime is different. I began trusting Airtime would connect me to people with mutual interests - Facebook”Likes” belonging to every Airtime user are listed directly below his or her video screen. The Airtime profiles of people I met tonight featured many of my very own Facebook likes.

I asked a girl that worked in the field of technology what she thought of Airtime and she complained that the site is filled with a lot of “tech-bros.” Google+ received the same criticism early on, and I certainly hope Airtime can avoid a lot of the negative ‘ghost town” stigma it has earned.  My first impression is that having a lot less “tech-bros” would have been cool. But the site is new.  All I know is that tonight, Airtime was definitely an interesting site to explore.

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Don’t let that ‘s’ at the end fool you: “kudos” is singular. The Awl - Be Less Stupid.

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Dim Mak EDC 2012 Mixtape

Nice electro tunes!

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